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My pop up shops are back!




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-pop up shops @ beck + call in the oregon district, dayton


-original drawings + watercolor paintings

-stationary cards prints

-watercolor bookmarks + little magnets

custom business logos & cards

simple handmade invitations

Thank you for coming by and thank you for all of your support. 

Pop Up Shops @ Beck + Call in the Oregon District.

Once a photo or card is purchased I will not print or draw any more unless told otherwise. If you'd like a photo related to one that is already sold, please let me know + I can get out there for you or create something amazing for you. I am only printing + painting one of each to keep the uniqueness of my work + your home/office.

**Print + Card covers are covered with eco-friendly plastics + the cardboard is recycled + cut by me.

Art prints are made out of Hemp Based Eco Paper.

online shop

Tuesday Shipping + New Items coming soon.

Digital Gift Cards available for online shops + pop up shops.

Smokin Babe

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8x10 hemp based eco paper.

Eco friendly plastics + recycled cardboard.

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Fiddle Fig + Pumpkin
Naked Lady
Floral Bat
Longhorn Desert
Eucalyptus + Buttercup
Cresent Moon
Floral + Euc.png

My first Pop Up Shop


coming soon...

Thank You Cards Package

Invitation Packages

Children Learning Cards