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your mom bod.

“Hating your body will never get you as far as loving it will.”

I am powerful.

I am beautiful.

I am confident.

I am happy.

I am woman.

I am Mama.


We, as mamas have felt insecure about one thing or another but I do think the most problem would be the way we look at ourselves in the mirror, physically. We gave birth. Some of us lost weight, gained weight, stayed the same, scars, got stretch marks & sagginess, hemmoroids, yes I just said hemmoroids, thinning hair, skin problems, had boobs and a nice butt before & now they are like pancakes, especially when you lay down; Some of us became weak & brittle. Postpardum is another story. The list goes on. I wanted to do a photoshoot that would help boost Mamas confidence & empower our bodies for what they are. Beautiful, magical & powerful. We create life. We may be very emotional but we are miraculous. You deserve to love yourself the way you are & love yourself all the way to all your goals. Good days and the bad. “Hating your body will never get you as far as loving it will.” Empowered women empower women. Pregnancy by definition is a life changing event which calls for life changing changes in your mind, body & your soul. We as Mamas have all gone through that event & we’re here with our babies & we should be damn proud of that and not let anyone tell us different.

Your body is badass. A warrior.

Kaila W.: “‘If I could give my daughter three things, it would be the confidence to always know her self worth, the strength to chase her dreams and the ability to know how truly, deeply loved she is.’ My body gave me the greatest gift in life. I continue to remind myself to treat myself the way I treat my daughter. I will never look the way I did 4 years ago, & that IS OKAY.”

Stop looking for flaws in yourself or others. The power of kindness & sincereity goes such a long way. What are two extra seconds. Today, go out and give a compliment or start a conversation with five random people. I make sure to do it every time I’m out of the house.

We didn’t just decide to hate our bodies, we were taught to. By every little comment & remark anyone has negatively said. By the front covers of magazines, instagram models, & most of any media. Recently though, here & there, I have been seeing more empowering women empowering other women, spreading all this light & has become a movement, a body postive movement. 


Goes for not only Moms but everyone. Society (some) is coming to realize there isn't just one “perfect body.” Nothing is perfect but the closest thing to perfect is a woman's body. I'll say it again, WE ARE MAGICAL HUMAN BEINGS but it does come with extra "side effects" we wish didn't happen. Example: cramps & periods. We all hate them but again, things can't be perfect but the way we look at that, negatively or postively, changes a lot more than you know. Every one has their own story, their own feelings, that you no nothing about the background. ALL body sizes. Being skinny does not always mean you are healthy & fit, being big does not always mean you are unhealthy. You may struggle with weight loss & others may struggle to gain weight. Be positive to yourself & be kind to others, shed a little light any time you can, simply be a good person, you’ll be ahead.

As a Mother & woman, I took control of my body after being told 3 different times I wouldn't be able to carry a child. I beat the odds. I could not let what they said be true. I worked very hard & I'm continuing to even after having my son and I've never felt better about my mind, body & soul. My son, podcasts, therapy, eating organically & my job are key factors in my happiness. Like one of my own favorite quote says, "Vibrate as if it is & it will be."

As a photographer most women, not only moms, pick themselves apart. I will always assure you you are beautiful and you look good but I will tell you if your make up messed up. We all need to pick up and be picked up always. The world is changing. It's scary & unpredictable now. We need to stick together and bring each other up, not tear eachother apart. Let's help it change. This is so damn beautiful, I am fighting back tears. These photos are so raw & real. Embrace it every way you can.

P.S. I haven't written like this since High School. I really hope you enjoyed it & it brought you some sort of confidence & empowerment. 

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