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pop up shops + Online Shop

pop up shops @ beck + call in the oregon district, dayton (schedule coming as soon as shops re-open)


watercolor paintings

wandmade stationary cards

watercolor bookmarkers + little magnets

custom business logos & cards

simple graphic or handmade invitations

Thank you for coming by and thank you for all of your support. 

Once shops open back up + we get to leave our home to enjoy all the things in life, I will have lots more Pop Up Shops @ Beck + Call in the Oregon District! With new unseen goodies + things you can only see at the Pop Up Shops.

Once a photo or card is purchased I will not print any more. If you'd like a photo related to one that is already sold, please let me know + I can get out there for you. I am only printing + painting one of each to keep the uniqueness of my work + your home/office.

**Print + Card covers are covered with eco-friendly plastics + the cardboard is recycled + cut by me.

My first Pop Up Shop


online shop

Orders shipped out every Tuesday, must be ordered by Tuesday's at 12 pm.

New items every Tuesday.

coming soon...

Thank You Cards Package

Invitation Packages

Children Learning Cards

Thank you so much, I appreciate every single one of you.

Ohio Lifestyle Milestone Photographer.

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