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"Make it simple, but significant."

Hello, Welcome! My name is Taryn and I am a natural lighting lifestyle, elopement + small business photographer. Minimal direction + free. For the months of January + February I will not be photographing sessions for clients unless for maternity, birthdays and my yearly package Valentine minis. I am taking much needed time to examine life after 2020 and make some much needed changes and to spend more time with my boy. I am now booking for March, April + May and Sunday's are filling up. I am also no longer booking Traditional Weddings, I am transitioning to Adventure\Travel Elopements & Small Intimate Weddings only; Elopements in my definition are a bride, groom and officiant, somewhere beautiful with an amazing scenery and true adventure; Small Weddings in my definition are no more than 15 people involved. I also now have open spots for commission drawings + paintings. 


When I say Lifestyle, I mean your lifestyle, what you you love doing or where you love going. Weekly traditonal coffee date? Let me join you. Baking pancakes or a cake in your kitchen. You + your plants! Please let me photograph you and your plants. Maternity at the Botanicals. If you love books, lets head off to the book store. When it starts getting warmer oursite, air drying your sheets with your babes outside in the yard. Milk baths with your favorite flowers or fruit. Drinks at your favorite brewery. Pretty tore up walls & beautiful bricks. Hanging out on your rooftop. Planting outdoors with Mama. Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. Your mornings in bed together as a family or a couple. Summer time calls for eating watermelon, a trip to the ice cream shop + picnics on the beach! Explore around a big city. Rent a cabin in Hocking Hills or beyond. If you're a small business owner, I love collaborating, creating amazing flatlays + photograph your goodies or space. Whether it's coffee, food, plants, apothecary items, boutique style, art etc and I love supporting small businesses and promoting small businesses.

I am in love with minimalism; plain walls, brick walls, botanicals, coffee shop sessions + lifestyle.

I am here for those looking for photos that are simple, also out of the box, beautiful and specific or up for ideas. If you don't really care what your photos intend to look like, unfortunately I am not the Photographer for you. 


Couples, Family, Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48/Newborn, Birthdays, & Children. I also really enjoy photographing Announcements, Proposals, Gender reveals, Anniversaries & Surprise sessions!

If you visit & follow my Instagram www.instagram.com/tarynpenrosephotography or subscribe to my mailing list, I send + post a lot of Model Calls and Unique sessions I come up with to photograph. 

Also for tips, tricks + ideas I have a pinterest you can look at. www.pinterest.com/tarynpenrosephotography

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Here's to 2021.

My motivation and determination for growth is still continuing. I am manifesting the changes and consistancy I need and want for myself + my son. Hoping for loyal clients, creative sessions, traveling and adventure, inspiration to draw everyday, to continue to do my part in what I know is best for the planet and nature, to make time to document our lives; not just everyone else's and to begin the next steps of our lives.

Goals List 2021



Styled and creative photoshoots

Hire an Intern to eventually be my Assitant

An Outfit and Color Scheme Guide for Clients


Adventure/Travel Elopements + Small Intimate Weddings

No Traditonal Weddings as of 2022*


Book Couples Roadtrips

Paintings + Drawing Prints in Beck + Call and Luna

New equipment

Grow lots more plants

More planned trips


Start composting + recycling

Take pottery classes

Trips with my boy

Begin Mommy + Me Yoga

Buy us our first dining table

Goals Achieved 2021:


Goals Achieved in 2020

Moved to Dayton

More Small Intimate Weddings

Selling my own plants

Monthly Pop Up Shops

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