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Stay safe

            I am wishing everyone a life full of good health, happiness + love. This is a time of great growth, strength, motivation  + support. This will make us grow stronger as a whole and as individuals. 


Stay home if you need. Be safe. Keep busy.


"Make it simple, but significant."

I am a natural lighting lifestyle, wedding + small business photographer. Minimal direction + free. I love going somewhere you're comfortable & happy. Weekly traditonal coffee date? Let me join you. Baking a cake in your kitchen. You + your plant babes. Maternity at the Botanicals. If you love books, lets head off to the book store. Milk baths with your favorite flowers. Drinks at your favorite brewery. Pretty tore up walls & beautiful bricks. Rooftop hanging out. Planting outdoors with Mama. Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. Your mornings in bed together as a family. Summer time calls for eating watermelon, a trip to the ice cream shop + picnics on the beach! Explore around a big city. Rent a cabin in Hocking Hills or beyond. If you're a small business owner, I love collaborating, creating amazing flatlays + photograph your goodies or space. Whether it's coffee, food, plants, apothecary items, boutique style, art etc and I love to promoting small businesses. Small Businesses are very important to me. Very soon I will be transitioning to Elopements + Intimate Weddings instead of Traditional.


Lifestyle includes: Couples, Family, Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48/newborn, Birthdays, & Children. I also really enjoy photographing Announcements, Proposals, Gender reveals, Anniversaries & Surprise sessions!

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Everyday is

Earth Day

Take care of our home.

"A poem written by Kathleen O'Mara in 1869.

'And people stayed at home,

and read rooks,

and listened,

and rested,

and did exercises,

and did art and played,

and learned new ways of being,

and stopped and listened

more deeply.

Someone meditated, someone prayed,

someone met their shadow,

and began to think differently,

and people healed.

And in the absence of people who

lived in ignorant ways,

dangerous, meaningless and heartless.

The Earth also began to heal,

and when the danger ended and

people found themselves,

they grieved for the dead

and made new choices,

and dreamed of new visions,

and created new ways of living,

and completely healed the Earth.

Just as they were healed.'

Reprinted During Spanish Flu Pandemic 1869.."

Not fact checked but a beautiful poem regardless.

upcoming sessions

Pop Up Shops are coming!... eventually. I work with and for the amazing women at Beck + Call, Heart Mercantile and Luna Gifts & Botanicals Dayton. During this time, the unfortunate and safety reasons our doors are still closed but once we open, hopefully soon, I will have more of my Pop Up Shops outside & inside of Beck + Call along with a lot of other talented people. All three shops now have online stores! My Pop Up Shops have Photographs of Dayton, plants, walls, coffee & food, buildings + more. My Photograph Prints are only printed once and one size, I will also have my Watercolor Paintings and my drawings, handmade Stationary, magnets and bookmarks. New items soon, only seen at Pop Up Shops. I hope to see you there!


Beck + Call is one of the best Women & Children feminist shop around + owned by 2 amazingly strong women. This shop is bright and airy, affordable & sooooo cute. Clothing, jewelry, bath & body, books, nostalgic little toys + some more cute knickknacks you want. 

You can now visit my online shop under 'shops' in the menu bar & you can order e-gifts! 



Shop small, shop local.

Support your friends.

I hope to see you all there!



2020 has so far been confusing, difficult + a little scary. It has been a lot, for nearly everyone. I for one, will not be letting it get in the way of being happy & successful, continuing to achieve my goals. I have taken the time to get much need back work done, projects finished, new projects started. I've been painting more, I've planting more, teaching my son things like riding a bike + so much more. Photographer's are now allowed to presume their work & I couldn't tell you how happy that has made me. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me + continues to.

Documenting life, love + family is beyond worthwhile & I wouldn't want to ever stop. This coming year's goals are big, a little haulted but I know I will make them happen. I am beyond determined and motivated.


A different year doesn't change you, you change you. I know what I want and what I need, I won't settle for less. I hope you get everything you've ever needed and wanted.

Goals List:


New Combined Packages


Transition to Elopements + Intimate Weddings instead of Traditonal Weddings 


Book Couples Roadtrips

Monthly Pop Up Shops

More Births + Fresh 48 photoshoots

Move to Dayton , have my home my studio

Grow my own flowers & plants (In the process)

Paintings + Cards stocked; start Printing process

My ultimate + secret goal is IN MOTION!

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