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stop cop city | free iran | black lives matter | lgbtqia+ pride | indigenous lives are sacred | pro-abortion | save the planet

"Make it simple, but significant."

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Trigger Warning:

Acts and rights you need to be reading and learning about: Indian Child Welfare Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and Crown Act. Gay Rights, Women's Rights, Contraceptions and more. Iran right now is going through a Revolution and they need us to spread awareness. Women. Life. Freedom. #stopexecutionsiniran

The Willow Project is a gov project that will sell Alaska for oil drilling. This will destroy the earth even faster than it’s already going. Sign this petition to help stop it!

Once or if this is approved, this will release about 287 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into our environment. Hurting our animals, our people and making climate change even harder to fight.

#stopcopcity #defendatlantaforest #forestdefenders #climatecrisis

Major companies and corps that are funding Cop City:


Chick Fil A


Home Depot

Wells Fargo

Waffle House

JP Morgan Chase


Article with more here and here is a 2021 article on corps that help fund police foundations.

It's time to boycott and take it seriously.

By sharing, donating, showing up to protests and stop shopping from coorperations that don't have our best interest at heart. You can visit to look at shops and brands to see where their values lie. 

If you go to there are so many petitions you can sign that can make an impact.

We can't let any more happen!

Here are more website I thought best to share: : Crown Act Petition Black Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda Resources for Ohio Free narcan and Naloxone National Harm Reduction Sign to support the Ohio Fairness Act

Abortion is a human right. Abortion is healthcare. Follow @ppaohio @plannedparenthood @womensmarch @gemcityaction on Instagram to learn more and see what you can do to join and support. It is our choice to choose what we do with our own bodies.

"Not their body, not their choice."

Planned Parenthood Website

Women's March Site

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