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Lifestyle Photography.

Being around love, being apart of everyday & rare moments, and learning more about my clients is so rewarding in a lot of ways. I want to capture your stories as authentic as possible. My sessions are relaxed with minimal guidance and direction. I am looking for all the cuddles, neck kisses, raspberries, belly laughs, jokes, & more. 

My lifestyle sessions bring out what you love as a family or by yourself, your babes or your pets & even your plants. Whether it's grabbing a late night slice, trip to an art museum or botanical conservatory, helping momma with chores, drinks at your favorite bar or brewery. The place where you first met, day at the park, bubble baths, baking in your kitchen, cuddles & pillow fights in your bed, your morning routine, a family picnic, festivals, carnivals, your favorite food truck! There are endless options to your amazing or laid back lives you want to cherish for more than a lifetime and share with future generations. 

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All packages include: Edited digital images, online gallery, and a print release. When you inquire with me, please include first and last names of every person involved, especially engagement sessions + elopements. A non-refundable 50% of the total is due as a deposit at booking to reserve your date and time. The deposit is specifically for holding the date and time of your session and the other 50% is due the day of right before our session. Should you end up cancelling, especially last minute, there is a great possiblity I will not be able to fill that spot, which is why there is a non-refundable deposit. My sessions are limited to the only dates and times I have available. Once those are filled, there are no more spots. If you have to cancel your session but would like to reschedule, you can do so without an additional deposit as long as it is over 2 weeks of our session date and a legitimate reason; I will trust you. If you need to reschedule within 2 weeks of our session; the reasons must be:

Covid-19 exposed or tested positive

Family member/friends ill +

Weather not cooperating (*the day of*);

if they are not of those reasons, you will have to pay another deposit to hold a different date and time. I can not reschedule your session without another deposit. If I, the Photographer, fall ill or have to cancel, your non-refundable deposit turns into refundable or we can schedule for a later date, completely up to you.

When you choose a location or an idea that involves an entry fee, I am only responsible for my own fee of entry unless dicussed differently. As of right now, Covid season\year, indoor sessions are very limited and must be booked within 3 months of session needed/wanted. Available mini sessions on my in home white wall and wood flooring (check milsetone collection) but the natural lighting unpredictable.

In Home or Inside Sessions:

If you book an in home or indoor session, it must be well lit naturally; if it is not well lit naturally I am unable to get photographs that aren't well light and without grain. If you do not have a well lit home but still would like me to photograph you in your home, that is no problem, we just need to stay close to windows and position ourselves correctly.


In home or destination. In state (over 60 miles) Travel costs: Amazing Biscuits + Gravy or Coffee

Out of State Rates: Travel, transportaion + stay. No charge for any other service.

Meetings required for: Weddings, Elopements, Events + Birth Sessions.

Mini (any type of session)


(National Daily Holiday posts $85 + additonal needed fees, props ect.)

20 minutes

1-3 people, $15 additional person

7 edited digital images




1 hour

20 edited digital images




1 1/2 hours

All immediate family/pets included

25 edited digital images


Birth Story ($740) + Fresh 48 ($280) Package


Unlimited time + up to 2 hours




1 hour

All immediate family/pets included

20 edited digital images




1 hour

20 edited digital images

Birthday +$20 

Cake Smash +$35 (Color scheme only)



Small Intimate (less than 15 people): $675 4 Hours ($80 additonal hour)

Traditional: No longer booking (engagement not included)

Elopement less than 200 miles away: $1,350 8 Hours total (engagement included)

Adventure Elopement: travel, stay + transportation only (engagement included)

Contact for more details.



Are you thinking about Eloping? I have finally begun my Elopement adventures! I would love to talk more.


Travel Session

A day in life shoot. I will spend all day with you, capturing your best day. 

All edited digital images are included.

Contact for more.

All sales are final and subject to OH sales tax and is paid for at the time of orders.