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hello i am taryn

I am a 26 year old Momma of one boy. I am a Photographer & I work and take photos at a couple shops in the Oregon District. I love everything about all of my jobs and very happy with how my career is going. My boy is definitely going to love being my assistant one day, already wants to take my pictures and I'll catch him taking pictures of things around the house, sometimes even wants me to take his photo.He's messing with his camera as I am typing this. He is also very obsessed with building, anything. Blocks, bricks, rocks, anything. Some of it is like perfectly symmetrical it blows my mind. 

We live in Springfield, Ohio but right now I am in the middle of saving and transitioning us to the Dayton area.I have been writing, painting, + taking photos for as long as I can even remember but seriously for 3 years now. I have taken a couple of classes but overall I am completely self-taught as I have been and am with basically everything I know. I am always doing something whether it's teaching + playing with my son, scouting locations, taking photos, editing photos, at my other jobs, updating stuff & holiday activities, oh & can't forget grocery shopping and cleaning.

Consistency, knowledge, traveling, & overall happiness is what I am after. I hope you get what you're after too.

Everyday I am grateful for the clients I have and the clients I gain. I hope I get to learn more about you during our sessions!

Things you might not know & things you wouldn't know

Obviously I am obsessed with taking photos + writing lists.

I also work at Heart Mercantile and Beck +Call in Dayton.

My son sometimes (most of the time) reminds me of the guy off of The Master of Disguise.

I am addicted to coffee and working.

yes, I love the Stranger Things.

I haven't used or  owned a microwave in over 5 years.

I live off of Americanos, V8 Pomegranate Blueberry +Energy, & french toast.

I could listen to The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack by the Liars & Mac Miller's 2009 all day. 

Food trucks> Fancy restaurant

I recently got myself a greenhouse to grow flowers but I have no clue where to begi + now it's cold out & I still didn't figure it out yet. I eventually want my own coffee & flower Co.  in front of my studio.

I want to take photos, grow flowers, & drink coffee. Along with considering getting a bus and renovating it so my son & I can start traveling in style.

I bug My son's dad to take our photos for me. 

I spend a wasteful amount of money on Flowers & donuts. 

My son  is all organic & doesn't eat meat. 

Oddly, the smells that remind me of my middle school cafeteria give me a sense of happiness.

Locally Owned Businesses are where it's at compared to cooperations. SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES.

My birthday is on July 4th but Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Desert Island three movies:  Into the Wild, Cry-baby, Tarzan (2016)

My son Wales Norman & I

"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... Give me truth."

-Christopher McCandless

Ohio Lifestyle Milestone Photographer.

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